Jigtech Smart and Rectangular Bathroom Bolt 57mm Door Handle Fitting System

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Jigtech Smart and Rectangular Bathroom Bolt 57mm for the Revolutionary Smart Door Handle Fitting System


Product Description

Jigtech's revolutionary smart door handle fitting system. The new jigtech door handle and latch fitting system is set to transform the door handle fitting industry. Fits in under 5 minutes, 100% Accurate every time. Our full range of latches are supplied with a Jigtech spacer, in a comprehensive array of finishes available in smart and rectangular forends. Both mechanical and silent action magnetic function can be specified. All versions can supplied in push button privacy function, for use with Jigtech privacy cover roses.
The Jigtech Smart Bathroom Bolt offers a more traditional privacy solution the bathroom bolts can be fitted below the door handle and the Jigtech fast fit bathroom turn and release sets can be fitted using the same jigtech process of installation.

Additional Information:

Jigtech is the revolutionary new door handle and latch fitting system. The Jigtech concept reduces fitting time and improves efficiency and accuracy by changing the way fitters install door furniture and latches. The system is based around a unique jig, which clamps to the door, auto aligning the drill holes on both the door face and the edge. Holesaws are used to accurately bore the door, in preparation for the installation of the specially designed latches and door furniture.


  • Pre-assembled
  • No spindle cutting required
  • Bolt through fitting as standard
  • No wood screws required
  • 100% accurate
  • Can be converted to privacy function with accessory roses