Euro Profile Keyed Alike Kitemarked High Security Garage Door Half Cylinder Lock

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keyed alike means that locks in a set or 'suite' have the same key code.

Keyed to differ means that 

locks are a different key

code on each cylinder.


BS EN 1303-2  

Finishes Available

Polished Brass  Polished Brass
Polished Chrome  Polished Chrome
Satin Chrome  Satin Chrome

Key Features

1 Star British Standard Pin Cylinder

EN 1303 Grade 2 Tested

Anti-Pick Cylinder

Anti-Bump Cylinder

Anti-Drill Cylinder

Anti-Plug Pull Cylinder

Anti-Twist Cylinder

Available as : Key to Differ


What is in the pack

1 x Anti drill/pick cylinder

1 x fixing pin

3 x keys