Black Euro Profile Anti Drill uPVC Door Double Cylinder Lock Barrel Keyed Alike

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Euro Profile Anti Drill 5 Pin uPVC Door Double Cylinder Lock  Barrel Keyed Alike

Product Information

What is 'Keying Alike' or what is a 'Keyed Alike' lock?

Basically keying alike means that locks in a set or ‘suite’ have the same key code, ie. any key fits any lock. This is convenient where a large number of locks are to be used by the same group of people or person but can be a problem if individual security is important. 

What is 'Keyed to Differ' or what is a 'Keyed to Differ' lock?

This means that all locks have different key combinations, ie. a key from one lock will not fit any other lock in the same group, there is usually a limit to the total number of differs available for a particular lock group but is generally high and not normally a problem for most applications.

  • Complete with three keys and fixing pin
  • Five Pin Cylinder
  • EN 1303 Tested
  • Anti-Drill Cylinder
  • Anti-Pick Cylinder

 What is in the pack

1 x Anti drill/pick cylinder

1 x fixing pin

3 x keys