Avocet ABS Snap Secure HALF Cylinder - Brass and Chrome - Anti Snap and Bump

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Avocet ABS Snap Secure HALF Cylinders 

The most secure euro cylinder locks available on the market today. 

This listing is for a  10/45 ABS Snap Secure Half Cylinder external door lock with 3 KEYS (additional keys can be purchased in the shops other items!) 
Ideal for  garages, patios, doors only accessible from one side

Please be aware other suppliers may supply MK2 cylinders. 
All of our locks are the latest and improved MK3. 

About the Locks 
  • Door cylinder snapping is on the rise! 
  • With every day tools, a burglar can break in through a standard door cylinder lock in approximately 30 seconds. 
  • The Avocet ABS cylinder has Snap Secure technology ensuring on attack, the cylinder snaps from the outside blocking the internal mechanism of the door lock. 
  • Even after snapping it is still fully operable from the inside meaning it is also safe. 
  • This cylinder offers the highest levels of door lock security required achieving the BSI Kite Mark accreditation. 
  • It is also a "Secured By Design" approved product with patented technology 
  • The Avocet ABS Cylinder also has bump and pick resistant technology.  
  • ABS requires no additional security devices such as security handles or cylinder guards to prevent burglary from snapping due to the unique way it prevents access to the internal lock mechanism. 
  • ABS is the "only" security cylinder door lock fitted by CASAC, the target hardening business representing West Yorkshire Police.  

Measuring and Fitting your ABS 
  • From the retaining screw measure the internal dimension and the external dimension of the cylinder in millimetres (mm) 
  • If the internal measurement is 35mm and the external measurement is 45mm you would need a 35/45 cylinder. 
  • The external side is the second measurement. 
  • The lock is clearly marked "EXT" on the external side for easy fitting!