Affinity Stainless Steel Letterplate Flint

Affinity Stainless Steel Letterplate Flint



Affinity Stainless Steel Letterplate Flint

New stainless steel Affinity ultra range of letter plates providing ultimate corrosion resistance for coastal regions.

  • Coating exceeds the requirements of BS EN 1670: 2007 - Grade 5

  • External flap opens up to 180 degrees

  • Fully sprung loaded

  • 40/80 depth sleeves options

  • Available in White, Black, Gold, Chrome and Brushed Steel finishes

  • Contains external weatherseal and internal draught seal

  • All supplied with 2 fixing screws

  • Internal nylon brush seal to reduce air filtration

Technical Information

Assessment Data


tested (flap) to 50,000 operations

Aperture size comforms to requirements of BS EN 13724:2002

Material Specifications


304 Stainless Steel


304 Stainless Steel

Coating Specification

Polyester Powder Coated:

White & Black, 60 microns minimum coating thickness

PVD Coating:

Multiple layer plating process