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Welcome to Commercial Hardware, an established provider of premium aluminium door hardware and aluminium shop front hardware in Birmingham. 

Based in Tamworth, Commercial Hardware offers a wide range of aluminium door hardware solutions and aluminium shop front hardware for fabricators, wholesalers, and repairers. All major brands sold. 

We understand the importance of security, functionality, and aesthetics when it comes to aluminium doors and shop fronts. With our extensive range of top-quality aluminium door hardware and shop front solutions, we provide businesses in Birmingham and beyond with reliable products for projects.

Whether you're looking to upgrade existing hardware or starting a new project, our expert team is here to assist you every step of the way.

Why Choose Commercial Hardware for Aluminium Door Hardware in Birmingham?

  1. Wide Range of Products: At Commercial Hardware, we offer a comprehensive selection of aluminium door hardware and shop front options. We stock pivots, pivot arms, door closers, cover plates, pull handles, cylinders, locks, and much more. 

  1. We stock all major aluminium door hardware brands in our Birmingham warehouse: Axim, Adams Rite, CHL, Dorma, Exidor, GEM, Strand, BRITON, and Borg – with extended warranties and exceptional quality. 

  1. Uncompromising Quality: We understand the importance of durability and longevity. That's why all our aluminium door hardware brands craft products using high-grade materials, ensuring exceptional quality and long-lasting performance.

  1. Exceptional Design: We believe that functionality shouldn't compromise aesthetics. Our aluminium door hardware is available in a variety of sleek and modern designs, allowing you to create an impressive visual impact while maintaining security and functionality.

  1. Expert Guidance: At Commercial Hardware Ltd, it’s okay not to know a part number Our knowledgeable team of professionals is committed to providing expert guidance and personalised assistance for all of your aluminium door hardware and shop front projects. 

  1. Competitive Pricing: At Commercial Hardware, we offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality. We strive to provide cost-effective solutions that deliver exceptional value.

How Commercial Hardware Can Help You:

  • Supplying high-quality aluminium door hardware from major brands – all stocked in our Birmingham warehouse.
  • Expert aluminium door hardware advice to assist with the selection of the most suitable products based on your specific requirements for your project.
  • Providing extended warranties where possible.
  • Ensuring prompt delivery of products and efficient customer service.

Contact Commercial Hardware for Premium Aluminium Door Hardware in Birmingham:

When it comes to aluminium door hardware in Birmingham, Commercial Hardware is the name you can trust, with five stars reviews on Google. Our commitment to quality, knowledge, stock levels, and customer service sets us apart from the competition. 

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