Exidor 296 297 294A 285A Panic Escape Push Bars / Bolts for Fire Exit Emergency



Exidor Panic Bar Range

Exidor OADs (Outer Access Devices) are also available. Please see our eBay shop. 


Exidor 296 - Single Point Panic Latch

The Exidor 296 Push bar is operated by a traditional style push bar which releases the latch, from the P1601 latch keep (also supplied with this panic bar).

Exidor 297 - Push Pad Latch

The Exidor 297 Push pad latch is a budget option for fire exit doors. It is only to be used in small spaces, i.e. offices, small units, where members of staff are fully aware of the fire exit door. 

Exidor 294A - 2 Point Panic Bolt with Adjustable Shoots

The Exidor 294A Panic Bolt Set is a higher security alternative to the 296. Also operated by a push bar, the door is held in place with 2 shoot bolts (top and bottom). What makes the 294A different from the standard 294 is the adjustable shoots. The top and bottom shoot bolts are adjustable, to aid installation.

Exidor 285A - Double Door Panic Bar / Panic Bolt Set with Adjustable Shoots

The Exidor 285A Double Door Panic Bar / Panic Bolt set is a combination of both of the above push bars, but with a box keep (Exidor 300) compatible with rebated double doors.

Included with all panic bars:

- Panic bar/bolt set

- Push bar to open sticker

- Instructions and templates

- Fixings (for wood or steel)

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