ABS High Security Rim Cylinder Door Lock Anti Pick Anti Rake by Avocet

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ABS Rim Cylinder Door Lock


The ABS Rim Cylinder Door Lock is the latest high quality lock on the market. It has a 8 double pin set up with a variable position magnetic pin providing superior anti-pick and anti-rake protection helping keep your home secure. Provided with 3 high security ABS magnetic keys as standard along with a unique key card. 


  • Online key registering available.
  • 3 High security ABS magnetic keys provided as standard.
  • 8 Double pin set up
  • Variable position magnetic pin.
  • Anti-pick protection.
  • Anti-rake protection.

What's in the pack?

1 x ABS Rim Cylinder Door Lock

2 x Fixing Screws

3 x Keys

1 x Key card

1 x Rim Plate

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