Tamworth School Fitted with CHL-supplied Door Hardware

As featured in the Birmingham Mail, the first new school in 40 years in Tamworth, Anker Valley Primary Academy, has CHL-supplied door hardware installed.

Local door hardware supplier for a Tamworth school

CHL is a Tamworth-based business, so we’re proud that we were chosen by our long-term client, to supply hard-wearing door hardware for the local school. 

Anker Valley Primary Academy is on Brooklime Way and provides an amazing environment for children from housing developments on Chestnut Walk, Oaklands, and Barley Field. The school’s look and feel draw on nature alongside the River Anker.

Image of CHL's Sales Director Craig Clinton

Craig Clinton, Sales Director at CHL, commented:

“As this is a primary school, it was extremely important to ensure, for instance, that door closers were medium duty – so little ones could manage to open doors easily while meeting all safety standards. All of the hardware we supply has a superior finish, is extremely hardwearing, carries the correct regulatory accreditation, and has long warranties – ideal for buildings with high foot traffic and usage. We also aim to be as competitively priced as possible with budgets being squeezed for everyone – especially schools.”

CHL-supplied products for Anker Valley Primary Academy

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